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I give you peace and joy through my art.

Our planet is alive and ever-changing. It shows us the process of creation in every present moment. It is from here that I am inspired to create in abstract or to show my vision of how I see my surroundings.

Peace and joy are my cornerstones for a good life. When i make art I am both experiencing and creating this in an art piece. 

 I have worked in metal, fiber, digital art and paint. Painting, digital art, and shoe designs are my current muses. It's easy to message me when you have a question. <3

I often travel and I take my computer and camera with me!  I'm living in Southern Arizona and will personally deliver local.

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The advantages of technology!

I am pleased to be creating this section of my art business. I have been painting and sewing or designing for over 30 years. I love to be informed about the latest tech advances. The printers who are applying the designs are really making it possible for me to share more of my inspirations with you. I'm artfully working with my designs to create new products. My skill as a seamstress contributes to being able to properly position patterns across products. The printers I have chosen are qualified and reliable. I'm testing new vendor products as I offer them. I want to be sure I offer you the best. Thank you for your continued trust as you have in the past with purchasing my paintings. Please follow me on my Facebook fan page for up to the minute new art. 

Blue Mandala painting. Inspiration for clothing designs.



Buying printed products

The products I offer are created and printed by various manufacturers. They are located all over the world. I've researched the best materials and processes. I also keep to my true self by creating designs that are my original art. My inspirations are from nature and can be quite abstract. I am totally in love with the ability to put art on great products that you will enjoy for a long time. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about products or using my website. 

Returns Accepted

I'm confident these shoes will be beautiful and comfortable. I also take care that the color representations of my paintings prints and art wear are as true as possible on the internet. If they are not, you can return them in new condition.