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Beach Grass, the original painting

Beach Grass, the original painting

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Beach Grass was inspired after an exciting kayak paddle off the coast of Connecticut. The light finds it's way through the grass in an exquisite manner. I love Grass, It's got life and movement and variety. 

The original is 27" x  36" x 2" . It is acrylic painted on canvas and the cost with free shipping is $1,047. 

There are prints available

These are limited edition prints. I'm printing 100 of each.

You will get an artist signed certificate of authenticity to provide limited edition provenance.

There are 4 different sizes. In order to ensure that you get the whole picture the way it was originally painted the print sizes may vary according to the actual canvas size of the painting. I've created them in a small, medium or large and larger. The actual size is on the product description. There is a 1 -inch white border around the print. 

Free Shipping. 

MaryAnn Ead
printed on C-Type Fuji Flex