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Apache Plume

Apache Plume

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I went for a short hike in the foothills of the Sandia Mts and these had just passed bloom and were on to their seeding stage. Those are the stamens of the Apache Plume. There is a 5 petaled flower in the lower-left corner. I was surprised to learn that this very feminine looking picture is actually quite male. So I added the 5 petals to the scene.  

These are limited edition prints. I'm printing 100 of each.

You will get an artist signed certificate of authenticity to provide limited edition provenance.

There are 3 different sizes. In order to ensure that you get the whole picture the way, it was originally painted the print sizes may vary according to the actual canvas size of the painting. I've created them in a small, medium or large. The actual size is on the product description. There is a 1-inch or .5 inch white border around the print. 

Original painting available here

MaryAnn Ead
printed on C-Type Matt

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