Studio Opening to the public beginning May 6th, 2022 5 to 7 pm.

Pajaritaflora, Me and the art I share with you.

Pajaritaflora is my artist name. I am MaryAnn Ead.

I love to sell my art and have everyone enjoy it. 

I can offer you free shipping at this time.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 


I currently am living in Maine and will be here for quite a while. I'm getting my Studio / Gallery ready for summer visitors as I'm located on RTE 1.

The exact location to be announced in the spring 2022.



I have been working as an artist for the past 45 years. 

I have always worked in paint. It's my truest calling. 

Through the years I have also worked in other mediums. I believe working in other mediums allow the influences from the new mediums to bring themselves into my painting. 

During my early painting years I attended classes at the University Of New Mexico. At that time I painted above and beyond painting classes and was painting portraits and figures, getting all my friends to pose. I would also go out and paint plein air so my love of landscapes could get expressed.

I have worked in metal as a silver smith and jewelry designer in the 1980's through mid 90's.

I worked as a fiber artist in the 2000's. Designing clothing and upcycling some clothing. I also exhibited as a fiber artist for solo shows with Trust Gallery in Southern Arizona. I had a solo show at Bella Artes in San Carlos MX . 

I exhibited my fiber art at Douglas Art Association , I exhibited in New Mexico Fiber Art Festival in 2013 winning the blue ribbon for Mixed media catagory. I also exhibited in fiber in Phoenix airport in 2015.

In 2015 I picked up my brush with a fervor, putting other craft aside and have been painting for the last 5 years non stop. I've exhibited at the Wickford RI Art association winning an award for my winter painting Snow Grasses. I exhibited at the Norwich CT art Association and the Arizona Border Arts shows. 

I love to travel and get out into nature on hikes or kayaking while taking photos in preparation for paintings. Or simply for inspiration. My paintings are usually landscapes and abstracts. Though I am now rediscovering figure painting. 

The newest edition to my art career is creating art on the ethereum block chain. A project I am working on with my son Keegan Ead. I am painting  while taking succesive photos. I send them off to him. He is using his skills with film editing and and we collaborate on beautiful moving art sold on the ethereum blockchain at