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Feels Like Summer! NFT animated digital art and the coordinating painting on canvas.

Feels like Summer. NFT and Painting

This painting was inspired by an amazing storm that passed by my home this season. 

The range of colors was incredible. I share that range here and then a little more. 

The NFT brings the painting alive with movement.

We are currently offering the two art works as a bundle. 

The painting is 24" x 30". A nice size for a statement in any room. 

Feels Like Summer, the painitng

It is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas. 

The NFT is located on Superrare at 

At this time we are offering the painting and the NFT as a bundle. I will ship off the painting to the NFT buyer. 

This is a great opportunity to invest in fine art on your wall and in your virtual space.