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Painting and Cryptoart

I am working with my son Keegan Ead on some collaborative cryptoart NFT's we have been doing this for a few years now and have created a substantial collection. Most have sold at least once. 

You can see the complete collection here:

The NFT's are created using paintings and animation. 

Sometimes the paintings are very apparent and almost exactly like the original and other times they are quite evolved. 

I offer the paintings up for sale  in addition to the NFT. If you get an NFT and want the painting, just let me know and we can work up special pricing. 

Here is one of our latest collaborations. (SOLD) Painted Relic. It uses 5 different paintings and has been created with 3d software. Keegan is very talented I'm so excited to be able to work with him on projects. 





Buy the two together on (SOLD)

There will be more crypto collaborations in the future!

See the complete Pajaritaflora Digital cryptoart collection 


See the complete Fluid Series here.




Dragonfly painting detail.