Studio Opening to the public beginning May 6th, 2022 5 to 7 pm.

Off-Grid Property For Sale, 7301 N Wayfarer Rd, Douglas Arizona,

For Sale By Owner, 40 acres, off-grid with well, septic and solar electricity. Secure Location. 

7301 N Wayfarer Rd, Douglas, AZ

Call MaryAnn 520-220-0387 or email


You will have the most amazing views, big skies, wild animals. 

The property sits at the mouth of a long bowl of small mountains. Just enough to help you feel snuggled in. I have had many pets that lived there with me and never were they attacked. I certainly can't guarantee that will be the same for you but It seems to be a blessed little sheltered area. The location is 4 miles of gravel road from the pavement. It is up into the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains in a range called the Perilla Mountains. 


40 acres, RU-4 zone 

APN 40545002E

cat+ D-rural (Owner Builder Amendment), Ru4. Cochise County Planning and zoning.

Functioning Well and 1500 gallon tank for gravity feed. Running water to several places on the land. 9000 watt generator to run the well pump. Well depth is 360 ft water at 250 when it was drilled in 2006.

3 bed septic installed. It has only been used for campers. The travel trailers are connected to a separate cesspool. 

Solar Electricity:

800kwh of batteries set up in 24 volt with 800 watts of panels. The charge controller allows power to draw from panels during the day rather than deplete the batteries. I run my tv, two small refrigerators, a 1230 cpm evaporative cooler smaller fan and whatever lights I want.  

Large circular drive can fit a 35ft RV. It also allows the UPS driver to get in and out easily. 

Secondary road onto another section of the property leading to the water tank, private camp up top of this middle hill. 

2 travel trailers and an enclosed porch, There are also two shade structures for enjoying the sunset or the shade. 

I use one travel trailer for living and the other with a porch for my art studio.

I am selling the structures and trailers as-is with the land.

Both have running water. One has hot water.

Storage Building 10ft x 20ft with stone foundation. A secure place to put your stuff.

30ft greenhouse. it is a simple structure made from rebar and covered in the summer with shade materials and in the winter with added plastic. Food can be grown all year. Winter crop is greens. It is generous with volunteer crops because i have been composting this soil for several years.

All the seasons 

The living space on this property is at an elevation of 4300ft, the top of the mountain is 5200 ft. 

It gets hot in the summer and will snow usually once in the winter. 

The summer has a monsoon season starting at the end of June into September, that is why some of the photos are very green.