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Shoes Inspired by Paintings


Victoria Mandala shoes inspired from painting

Being a lover of fashion and art it is natural to want to make art-wear. I have made artful clothing in the past with recycled clothes; creating new styles from old forms. Buying from thrift stores and reinventing them. 

Now I am reinventing shoes. I have partnered up with a manufacturer to put my designs on shoes. I am following the simple joy of making shoe designs from my paintings. I artfully arrange the painting, just so, on patterns so that when it gets printed we have these really neat shoes. 

Shoes have some cool elements. When we walk the inside of our foot comes out of hiding and shows itself. I like to put the fanciful swoop on the inside of the foot for a joyous surprise toward your world as you step into it. 

The ankle holds you sturdy, up on your legs, I accentuate the strength of an ankle with my patterning.  (what about people who can't stand up so well?) Can this strength give you confidence at putting your best foot forward? 


The toe generally gets a shielded covering, or a swoosh of a covering letting go. As we move forward the grass parts and the next step is revealed. 

And then there are the heels. They help you get on your toes as you jump for joy toward your next leap. The heels I'm designing now are completely important designs fit onto a sensuously shaped delicate stand.   

Live comfortably and with joy. These Joyful Soles may even inspire you to start a trend. 

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