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#Stayhome #withme and paint, Session 4 and 4b


It's a lovely sunny morning again in Albuquerque during Covid-19 #stayhome. In this video we talk about using matt medium to start secondary layer and build up the texture of the painting. I'm creating the frostiness that is seen on the surface of succulents. I also talk about the specific colors in my palette and how I use them.

Dana Smith Northey succulent photo

Photograph by Dana Smith Northey

Here is some helpful information in case you want to start painting your own landscape scenes. 

I use Acrylic paint. 

Titanium white  (large amount)


Raw umber

Dioxinine Purple


Cadmium red

Cadmium Yellow

Hansa Yellow

Yellow Ochre

Thalo Blue

Cobalt Blue

Grey Purple


Above are the primary colors I use. I may add in a premade brilliant green or pink. Otherwise, most of the colors are mixed from the above. 

Usually, you will choose whether to have a cadmium yellow (warmer) or a Hansa yellow (cooler) as the yellow that you mix your colors for. 

The blues listed will work nicely together. You could also use other blue but not generally in the same painting. An ultramarine blue has a purple tint and a Prussian blue will have a slight green tint. 

If you wish to skip the learning curve for creating greens. You can purchase Thalo green and a Hookers green.  


Added Bonus;

Here is a quick video demonstrating a brushstroke for an edge. :


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