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Love the shoes? Meet the Paintings.


Steve Island Painting

Introducing the original paintings that go into my shoe collections. Three of them are acrylic paint on canvas. Victoria Mandala (below), as well as Blue Mandala and Steve Island (above), are physical paintings. Meanwhile, Spring Grass and Sarah's Mystery(bottom) are digital paintings. 

Victoria Mandala

Victoria Mandala (above) was loosely painted in a mandala style. A mandala is typically a circular motif starting from the center and working outward. And is created as a type of meditation. My mandalas do not stick to strict requirements, I will generally use chalk to decide where the major circle lines are going to be, then I reach inside myself and let the mandala flow out. I created this one with the intention that it was going to be a pair of shoes, and I was really happy with the way that intention blossomed in the painting. It provided many elements for my shoe designs. 

Though initially not intended to be a shoe design, Steve Island(top) was a pleasure from start to finish. I began this painting with the color palette as my starting point. It soon became clear that I was feeling the influence of my kayaking trip to Steve Island, off the coast of Maine this past summer. It was an abstract version and I love decorative elements, so I played and played until it was completed with rich patterning and depth. From here it was easy to pick out the elements that would fit on shoes. 

Blue Mandala was very meditative and the patterns work out easily onto casual shoes and sneakers. 


Sarah's MysterySarah's Mystery



The digital paintings Spring Grass(lower) and Sarah's Mystery(upper) are the first endeavors into painting on my computer with a stylus pen. Once I learned the tools I found the process to be similar to acrylic painting, building it up in layers. I love painting grass and Spring Grass was a natural place to start.

Sarah's Mystery came from a desire to have a black shoe that has a mysterious and strong feel to it. I appreciated the ability to draw and have the design multiply in opposite to create the delicate lines. 

The original physical paintings are available in my painting store.

The Joyful Soles shoe collections are available at Pajaritaflora Body.

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