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How do I Wear These Shoes?

These are really cool, but will I look good in them? 

You look good in all your outfits as long as you remember to wear your confidence. Being well-heeled can certainly help with confidence. I know it does for me. My shoes are chosen for the day I am planning to have. Am I going to a new city that I'm not sure about? Well, I'm bound to wear some sturdy strong looking boots for that day. 

Do you usually wear basics? An all-black outfit can make any of the Pajaritaflora shoe lines look fabulous on your feet. If you are having a beige day you can put on the Steve Island boots to show off that beige can be exciting. 

When your clothes are focusing on the basics your shoes are able to be your personal designer statement. Fashion is all about self-expression. Mix it up, have some fun and wear what makes you feel good. You are amazing. 

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