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Here is what's going on in my mind. It has to do with you!

In Your Mind’s Eye, 

The latest collection from Pajaritaflora. 

Have you ever felt the pull of art to bring you into your own inner self? I find it interesting that I curate the elements of a painting so that you are enticed to go here and there within its bounds. But really I have only scientific control there. It is something else that brings you deeper and gives you a relationship with art. Art shows you inside yourself. The elements in these paintings have randomness that I allow to develop for you. It is the connection that guides you to your own mind's eye.

This collection explores how the artist paints to interact with the viewer, It is also an expression of how the creative process interacts with the artist. I’m using painting to act as a facilitator to the mind’s eye. 

This series came about while thinking about how you see my paintings and how I paint them for you. Abstract paintings have the viewers seeing in different ways. Some viewers will see humans and animals in almost everything. Other viewers may see pretty shapes and patterns like in nature. All tend to be affected by colors and contrast. These are things that create mood and interest. For this series, I continue to allow your mind to see whatever is there for you. My intent is for these paintings to be peaceful and engaging. 

When I paint for you I want to keep you engaged and allow you to spend time traveling around. So there is that first glance. And then if you linger long enough you get to see more and more in a painting. I really want my paintings to give you the contemplative time when you look at them. 

I did a painting during the time of my father’s passing. Its subject matter is not as important as the brush strokes and the contemplative, soothing feeling it gives me. I awoke in the middle of the night with my father on my mind and got up and worked on this painting. I got the call of his passing while I was working on it. I’ll never forget that moment. That painting is beside my bed I see it in the morning and night. I always seem to be able to travel through it and never tire of having it there. (let me tell you, I change out all the other paintings often!) I can truly tell you that my inner self, my mind’s eye, or my guides if you will,  had a lot to do with this painting. When the paintings come from deep within like that they are always special. I now work to paint them all, from this place. 

This series of 9 paintings have a more intent purpose of guiding you to look within. They are a combination of a flowing abstract element, a meditative mandala, and a NeuroGraphic. 

The fluid abstract serves as the initial element or base of the painting. It has many lovely random elements to explore. You are guided to it by the mandala element. The mandala is the pattern representing the cosmos and finding peace in the design of the universe. I also see these mandalas as a compass of sorts, leading you within. On top of each painting is a contrasting interruption. I chose a NueroGraphic element for this mark-making. This is the contrast that we encounter in life. When used in harmony it will guide you back to your mind's eye. 

I view this series as a turning point in my personal and professional development. I am purposefully creating a series of paintings relative to each other. This is different than my past process of making a piece because it was the next item in my manic mind. I love my mania in the sense that I am an artist who never has a lack of inspiration. But what this latest process has done is push me to explore the depths of what I have in my mind’s eye. To know that I have the ability to really create deeply and fully has been a huge personal development for me. My inspirations have turned from being inspired to do the next painting to being inspired to do the next series.  



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